Take this easy quiz by answering the following questions.

  • Have traditional counseling sessions failed to give you lasting results?

  • Are there people in your life that are out of control and you feel helpless?

  • Have you ever thought, ``I don't feel like myself anymore?``

  • Are there habits or addictions you wish you could let go of?

  • Do past traumatic events in your life still affect you today?

  • Do you struggle with physical ailments such as repeated colds, flu, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, skin problems, chronic pain, high blood pressure, TMJ, etc.?

  • Do you struggle with emotional conditions such as depression, insomnia, attention deficit, hyperactivity, cravings, etc.?

  • Has it been awhile since you have been your ideal size, weight and shape and dieting has produced only short term weight loss?

  • Are you tired of carrying around past issues in your life that just don't seem to go away?

  • Do you feel pressure to live up to others' expectations or feel controlled?

  • Do unexpected events leave you shaken and unsure of yourself?

  • Do the people you love most in life cause you the most grief?

  • Have you lost someone or something and are struggling to let them or it go?

  • Do you sometimes feel alone in life even though you have family and friends?

  • Have you tried to stop smoking or chewing a dozen times and it was always a struggle?

  • Have medications proven to be helpful but not the answer?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions there is an excellent possibility you could benefit from hypnotherapy.

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Dan Geiger MS, a native of Billings, has practiced psychology for the past 35 years. He has studied, taught and practiced in 40 countries on 5 continents. He is currently an adjunct professor of psychology and counseling at Montana State University in Billings, and has a private international practice.

Recent Scientific Clinical Study Validates Effectiveness of Inner Spirit Hypnotherapy

A thesis completed by graduate student at the Department of Social Work, Walla Walla University, March 2012 revealed Inner Spirit Therapy reduces depression, anxiety and stress levels by 50% to 100%. Eighty-seven percent of participants in the study reported normal levels of depression, anxiety and stress at the completion of the therapy. These statistics were compiled using the DASS-21 (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale) – a validated testing instrument to determine pre-therapy and post-therapy levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

Hypnotherapy has been a proven, safe method of treating numerous conditions for over 100 years.

Hypnotherapy using Inner Spirit Therapy© is a simple method, which uses the power of the subconscious mind to allow you to make changes in your life.

Are you tired of just talking about your problems and nothing changes?

Perhaps you understand the problem but feel helpless and don’t know how to make changes within yourself.

Inner Spirit Therapy© will allow you to make these changes within yourself.

Do you remember a time in your life when you felt OK?

Sometimes life’s circumstances pull us away from being our true self. Inner Spirit Therapy© allows you to be yourself again.

Inner Spirit Therapy© is a self-healing method using hypnotherapy that, unlike traditional counseling, does not require you to talk about your past or present situation.

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